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 Retail P.O.P.



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Commercial applications


Material Display

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Custom Technologies

Learn more about Pexco custom extrusion, material expertise and value-added fabrication services.

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Pexco’s component extrusions for Commercial market segments typically fulfill high-volume product applications involving everyday retail or consumer utility.

Commercial Markets

In this market, both OEM and distributor customers benefit from design innovation with conventional product concepts and profile geometries which often expect high-throughput capacity and experience. Examples here may include price tag holders for retail shelves, fencing slats for chain link structures, lawn edging, or writing instrument barrels.

Pexco further satisfies this market with its ability to provide additional fabrication services – welding, drilling, notching, routing, laminating, packaging, among others – customizing the design specs and providing alternative solutions to their plastic component demands for commercial and consumer products.

Pexco’s high quality standards across its twelve North American locations also provide confidence to Athol and Tacoma Commercial market customers. Its Commercial product operation center of excellence – Chicago – in particular deliver solutions across Pexco’s product forms of profile and tube, and are suited to the volume demands, design innovation, die development sample turnaround execution, and material specifications for products found in this category.

Tube- and Profile-Extruded Materials

 PVC  Polypropylene
   Polystyrene    Acrylic
   Butyrate    ABS
  Polyethylene    Thermoplastic Elastomers

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