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Custom Technologies:

Custom extrusion is Pexco’s DNA. More than 60 engineering and production specialists provide consultation, design and production of plastic extrusions to meet a variety of end-use challenges. Services include product/part design and engineering, die development, processing and value-added fabrication.

Pexco offers state-of-the-art processing technologies backed by experienced engineering support to optimize materials and facilitate conversion to meet the most exacting standards.

  • Profile extrusion
  • Tube extrusion
  • Co-extrusion
Pexco Processing
Innovative Thinking: view case studies

Marine: Pexco is instrumental in helping solve an impact and color retention problem

A high impact polymer profile was designed to replace a commonly used aluminum. This metal to plastic switch eliminated the oxidation, fading and denting issues inherent in a typical metal application.

Boeing 787

Innovative Solutions
Boeing 787 Interior

Boeing set out to design an interior unlike any other for the 787 by providing their customers the latest technologies in passenger entertainment and convenience in an unparalleled aesthetic package. In order to accomplish this task, Boeing looked to Pexco to provide solutions to many of their complex finishing challenges.

47572a2-119px X 74px.jpg

Lighting: With T5 fixtures, you will be able to reduce your energy cost and add a new look to the office area

Going Green? Many of Pexco's Lighting customers have already developed T5 fixtures that utilize a Pexco extruded light lens. Several of these customers have also decided to use DuraFrost resin in the design of the T5.


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