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Markets: industrial







More industrial applications and functions:





Infrastructure Transportation

Power Source Obscuration

Temperature Resistance

Structural Support

Light-Weighting Material

Impact Resistance & Shielding

Light Diffusion

Light Refraction & Reflection 


Custom Technologies

Learn more about Pexco custom extrusion, material expertise and value-added fabrication services.

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Pexco’s industrial market encompasses aerospace, lighting, and traffic safety sectors, as well as customers who require specialized material extrusions.

Industrial Markets

Industrial market applications in custom plastic extrusion are often characterized by customer needs for select, engineered materials (or blends of polymeric materials and additives) with unique performance variables, whether for example heat/burn resistance, structural integrity and durability, or other functional properties such as light diffusion.

Pexco aptly customizes mono-, co-, or tri-extrusion solutions to these industrial performance needs, in profile, tube, or in some cases also sheet form. Pexco is uniquely suited not only to apply, optimize and process these higher-grade engineered thermoplastics but also to convert them into intricate and customized design profile shapes and configurations.

In some instances, select certifications and production standards are required in order to participate as a vendor to industrial OEM customers (for example, AS9100 for quality management standards for the aerospace industry).

When combined with Pexco’s post-process design and fabrication capabilities, what we like to refer to as our “Last Touch” offerings, the experience of extrusion is broadened beyond the traditional 2-dimensional geometric profile. “Last Touch” services add value and may address a number of product component needs and designs otherwise prejudiced to alternative plastic processes, for example injection molding.

Tube- and Profile-Extruded Materials



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