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PEXCO 2014

Traffic Catalog

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Traffic safety extrusions exemplify the broad industry application of Pexco custom technology solutions. Click above to discover more about our process capabilities.

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What's new in traffic:


Traffic applications


Pexco Improves Safety on the 6th most Dangerous Road in the World


Tacoma, WA – Traffic safety is a serious concern on the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile road in Alaska, one of the most remote, and the 6th most dangerous highway in the world. In order to improve the safety of this vital roadway, Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator post that would improve visibility for DOT workers and “ice road” truck drivers plus reduce maintenance for the agency.


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Traffic: Flexible Chip Seal Markers

TRPM Chip Seal Markers

Effective Temporary Road Markers


TRPM Overview

TRPM Installation Procedures





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Pexco, Davidson's TRPMs are the most effective and convenient product on the market that provide short-term temporary road markings both day and night. They hold the original lane line location in chip, slurry or fog seal road maintenance operations. Many products exist that claim to be easy to use and provide good delineation, but only TRPMs deliver. TRPMs are durable enough for use on both low volume and interstate highways.


In an era of decreased budgets and increased timelines, self adhesive TRPMs provide an opportunity for enormous cost savings. Quick, simple placement reduces the time that your crew is exposed to traffic. TRPMs can be installed in only seconds by one worker with no special equipment, providing high profile delineation on freshly sealed roads prior to permanent striping. Our unique adhesive system keeps the flexible TRPM securely in place.


Quality is essential to the durability of our products. Our TRPMs are manufactured with virgin engineering resins and the best reflective tapes and adhesives in the industry. They are built tough to stand up to the high demands of maintenance work zones.


Flexible Chip Seal Markers

Key features of TRPMs:

  • Effective and inexpensive lane delineation
  • Highly visible, tough polyurethane marker body
  • Temporary traffic markings that are visible both day and night
  • Safety for road workers and less time spent in traffic zones
  • Available in 3 standard colors: white, yellow and black and 2 grades of reflective sheeting
  • Installation takes only seconds. The factory-applied, high tack Butyl adhesive pads create a quick and cost effective "peel and stick" installation




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