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PEXCO 2014

Traffic Catalog

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Traffic safety extrusions exemplify the broad industry application of Pexco custom technology solutions. Click above to discover more about our process capabilities.

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What's new in traffic:


Traffic applications


Pexco Improves Safety on the 6th most Dangerous Road in the World


Tacoma, WA – Traffic safety is a serious concern on the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile road in Alaska, one of the most remote, and the 6th most dangerous highway in the world. In order to improve the safety of this vital roadway, Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator post that would improve visibility for DOT workers and “ice road” truck drivers plus reduce maintenance for the agency.


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Traffic: HOT Lanes

Interstate Grade and Turnpike Grade Curb

Modular Lane Separation and Median Barrier Systems


FG 300 Post Overview

FG 300 Interstate Grade Curb Overview

FG 300 Interstate Grade Curb Options & Applications

FG 300 Post Base Options

FG 300 Interstate Grade Curb Installation Procedures

FG 300 Turnpike Grade Curb Overview

FG 300 Turnpike Grade Curb Installation Procedures




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HOT Lanes can be constructed in a variety of configurations. In all cases, they must be separated from the general-purpose lanes. As with the HOV lanes, this can be accomplished by using painted stripes, a buffer zone with channelizer posts, a mountable curb system, or a physical barrier.

Entering and exiting a dedicated lane at will can jeopardize available capacity and encourage weaves that adversely affect the level of service in both parallel roadways. Because the volume in the HOT lanes is limited, a high level of service is guaranteed. It is expected that the HOT lanes will operate at different speeds than the adjacent general purpose lanes. Therefore, a physical separation is safer than traditional lane striping.

Pexco Davidson Traffic Control Products has several solutions to effectively delineate managed lanes.


FG 300 Post and Interstate Grade Curb System



 • System is "linked together" to create a picket fence effect, and visual barrier
 • Curb sections and posts impact tested at 70 mph / 112kph
 • Curb sections install in just minutes with one person
 • Molded with solid color throughout, no painting required
 • Curb design allows for curved and circular installations
 • Many color choices, create high nighttime visibility
 • Entire system MUTCD compliant and NCHRP 350 approved!

FG 300 Post and Turnpike Grade Curb System



• Divide lanes going in the same and opposite direction
• Use for high speed, high volume applications where continuous curb is too costly or not needed
• Low profile base for low impact roll over
• Smooth transition from road surface - no hard lines or edges
• Designed to eliminate vehicle vaulting
• Curb leading edge has an embedded cube corner reflective lens
• Many color choices, create high nighttime visibility



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