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PEXCO 2014

Traffic Catalog

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Traffic safety extrusions exemplify the broad industry application of Pexco custom technology solutions. Click above to discover more about our process capabilities.

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What's new in traffic:


Traffic applications


Pexco Improves Safety on the 6th most Dangerous Road in the World


Tacoma, WA – Traffic safety is a serious concern on the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile road in Alaska, one of the most remote, and the 6th most dangerous highway in the world. In order to improve the safety of this vital roadway, Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator post that would improve visibility for DOT workers and “ice road” truck drivers plus reduce maintenance for the agency.


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Traffic: Roadside Delineator Posts

FG 300, 400 and 500 Series Guide Posts

Bright Delineation of Roadway Edge Lines



FG 400 and 500 Overview
FG 300 Ground Mount Overview
Post Driver Instructions

FG 102 Post Driver - Instructions for Use

FG 103 Post Driver - Instructions for Use

FG 300 Ground Mount Installation Instructions





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Studies have shown that 24% of all the fatal crashes that occur on 2-lane roads are the result of single vehicle run-off-the-road crashes. Flexi-Guide posts can be placed at critical points along roadways at winding curves, near intersections and on and off ramps to identify safety hazard areas.


In all kinds of weather, Pexco, Davidson's Flexi-Guide 300, 400 and 500 posts are highly visible, day and night. The posts clearly delineate the edge of the roadway with bright reflective sheeting mounted on the posts at eyes level. Our post markers are durable enough for years of use in extreme cold or hot desert sun. All Flexi-Guide products are approved by the US/DOT FHWA for use on all federal highway projects.



FG 400 and 500 Series Guide Posts

Key features of the FG 400 & 500 Delineator Posts:

  • The first posts to exceed field performance standards using recycled polymers!
  • Superior outdoor weatherability and UV stabilized
  • Select from Engineering Grade, High Intensity or Super High Intensity sheeting to meet state specifications and provide superb nighttime visibility
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Soil anchor systems are available
  • Custom orders include colors and message decals for utility markers



FG 300 Ground Mount Delineator Posts 

Half FG 300 with Ground Mount.jpg FG 300 Ground Mount.jpg

Key benefits of the FG 300 Ground Mount Delineator Posts:

  • The upright post is the durable and incredibly tough FG 300 post!
  • The 2 part system uses a permanent anchor and replaceable upright post
  • They are easy to install by hand or using common tools
  • The anchor is a common 2” square PSST sleeve
  • A single pin allows for quick and easy replacement of damaged posts



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