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PEXCO 2014

Traffic Catalog

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Traffic safety extrusions exemplify the broad industry application of Pexco custom technology solutions. Click above to discover more about our process capabilities.

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What's new in traffic:


Traffic applications


Pexco Improves Safety on the 6th most Dangerous Road in the World


Tacoma, WA – Traffic safety is a serious concern on the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile road in Alaska, one of the most remote, and the 6th most dangerous highway in the world. In order to improve the safety of this vital roadway, Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator post that would improve visibility for DOT workers and “ice road” truck drivers plus reduce maintenance for the agency.


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Traffic: RPMs and Halftracks

Long-term Temporary Road Markings



RPM & Halftrack Overview

RPM & Halftrack Installation Procedures


High visibility and longer distances means more preview time for drivers to see, think and react as they drive through hazardous work zones. The brightness of pavement markings becomes more critical as drivers age. Work zones are much safer when the lanes have been clearly delineated with Pexco, Davidson's RPMs and Halftrack durable work zone markers.


Night driving is especially dangerous in work zones. RPMs and Halftracks utilize a highly efficient cube-corner microprism reflector which makes them 3 times brighter than other markers. Our markers outshine paint and tape especially on rainy nights when they disappear under a film of water.


Work Zone Pavement Markers

Key features of RPMs and Halftracks:

  • Effective and convenient long-term temporary road markings
  • Designed to be long lasting enough for use in low volume and interstate highways
  • Both markers provide clear guidance to motorists day and night
  • Markers are easy to install and remove
  • Both markers are available in standard yellow and white
  • Reflective tape can be applied on one or both sides
  • Factory applied high tack Butyl adhesive pads allow for a "peel-and-stick" application to the roadway

Pexco, Davidson maintains the most extensive inventory of highway markers and delineators in the industry. With distribution outlets in 45 states as well as 5 Canadian Provinces, our products are available when and where you need them.



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