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The FinLink® slat offers an increased degree of coverage with a unique configuration of (3) three privacy fins. FinLink ®provides a quality looking installation and is used together with a patented bottom channel. This process ensures that all slats are even in the wire and will not slip to the ground.

DESIGN: Our unique patented design includes a rigid, flat tubular body, with "legs" inside for extra support. Three flexible fins (two on one side and one on the other) are positioned on the side of the slat body. The FinLink® fins are not serrated, thus providing a smooth finished look.

STANDARD HEIGHTS: 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet.

SLAT LENGTH: 3 1/2" shorter than overall height of fence.


NOTE: Additional time should be allowed for installation.

Ask for details on the 25-year warranty.

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Fence Capabilities

The present PDS® product line is a result of years of contribution from pioneers within the plastic extrusion industry. Numerous slat designs, functions, patents and personnel, have all played their part in creating the most extensive chain link enhancement product line today.
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FedEx Case Study

Pexco’s PDS® Fence products can be supplied in your specific custom colors, defining your brand at your facility or location – utilizing existing chain link fence or a new installation.

Safety Top Cap - Lite™

Pexco is still offering our premium Safety Top Cap™ and now a NEW more affordable version called Safety Top Cap - Lite™.

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