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Sign Holders

Signage is important to the shopper experience and is often used by retailers to help the consumer navigate through their store. Pexco makes all types of sign holders including end cap headers, grip sign holders, spiral boards, aisle markers, or something custom to meet your specific requirements.

We offer a Variety of P.O.P. display signs and kits, available in standard and custom sizes and types, tailored to your specific needs and delivered fast. Whether it’s single or double-sided P.O.P. sign boards or smaller point of purchase display components, including grippers and ticket holders, we can provide P.O.P. signs or point of purchase display items fast and economically.

Pexco manufactures, designs, and supplies small sign board systems, utilizing plastic extrusions such as c-channel, u- channel, r-channel, and h-channel that can be customized to fit your signage needs.

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Pexco specializes in P.O.P. fixture manufacturing, providing plastic extrusions and assembled solutions for point-of-purchase retail displays. We excel at both custom and standard projects, kitting, and speed to market for our customers.

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A Display Merchandiser Rolls Out New Design with Pexco's Help

A leading point-of-purchase display merchandiser had a national quick-service restaurant clamoring for a custom signage unit that would roll out to thousands of stores in time for the new year. Unfortunately, the custom design specifications and tight deadline could not be matched by any of the company’s current suppliers.

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For over 45 years, Pexco has partnered with retailers, P.O.P. houses, distributors, and brand marketers to help capture the attention of their customers with signage and fixtures for store shelving and custom displays.  Learn More >