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Defense Programs

Pexco understands complex projects, so let us serve as your Trusted Plastics Advisor for the Military & Defense product industry.

Military Aircraft

Pexco has been manufacturing military aircraft components for over 20 years.  Our engineers understand all the critical dimensions that are important for clarity, resilience, and robustness, in order to create a part suited for military aircraft.  

Ground Vehicles

Pexco plastic and material solutions to military land transportation vehicles often replace metal components with parts that are corrosion resistant both internally and externally.  We typically work on multi-part consolidation projects to improve functionality, the life of a product, as well as overall aesthetics.  


Vision and Targeting Systems

Pexco's advanced next generation family of plastic solutions for weapon targeting systems support light, medium and heavy weapon applications. Pexco can create housings, battery housings, adjustment rings, light tubes, monocular, binoculars, and diopter adjustment components.



Missile Defense

In today's world, light-weighting is an essential necessity for all manufactured missile defense systems.  Engineered resins have advanced over the last several years to replace major metal components of missile and defense systems. 

Naval Systems

Our military is armed with the best components and munitions available, supplied to them by the world's leading manufacturers, and those manufacturers count on Pexco to deliver on time, and to the superior level of standards the nation requires.

Radar Systems

Pexco primarily supports radar system applications with plastic components such as radomes, which are typically made of PEEK or other advanced engineering materials.  Radome covers are utilized on tethered drones and advanced communication systems.   

Tactical Communications

Communication components play the essential role in achieving any mission.  From plastic components in computer systems to very technical vision systems, Pexco excels at taking highly confidential projects and creating a functional part that we can stand behind.


Unmanned Systems

The unmanned systems industry has been supported by Pexco over the last several years with a variety of engineered plastic parts, for land, sea, and air.  Both extrusion and injection molding components complement the lightweight, multi-part consolidations that these systems have been advancing.  Examples include wing rib structures, bulkheads, and wing spars.  

Less Than Lethal

For the last 15 years Pexco has been supporting less-than-lethal (LTL) products with specialized plastic components.  These may consist of the 40mm day trainer product line, close quarter combat items, crowd control devices, and other similar training systems.

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