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Injection Molded Lenses & Components

Leveraging its precision injection molding capability via its Spectrum Molded Plastics group, and a history of providing lenses to the aircraft interior, defense, and healthcare applications, Pexco is able to complement its extrusion capability and offer you a suite of select products and applications.

Injection Molded Lenses

Pexco specializes in engineering resin injection molding. Our polycarbonate lenses with customized optical features require highly polished tooling, precision tolerances, and the ability to mold gradient wall thickness within a single part. Pexco has this capability, right here in the United States.

  • Precision engineering that maximizes optics and light steerage
  • Discipline & experience manufacturing highly polished mirror surface parts
  • Textured lenses & precision tolerances
  • Lens coating
  • Secondary, U.S.-based manufacturing resource

Heat Sinks

Heat sinks dissipate heat. Pexco is able to manufacture complex thermal interface designs with surface treatment that maximize surface area and product performance (cooling). Its polymeric molds offer an attractive alternative to heavy die-cast aluminum heat sink products common to many applications.

  • Thermally conductive polymer solutions
    • Polycarbonates
    • Polyimide-based materials
    • Elastomeric-based materials

Lighting Capabilities

Engineering Design & Support

Pexco’s capabilities include LED lens design support; extrusion; injection molding; prototype and production die development; material blending; fabrication; light transmission and color testing; QC reporting; and more. Learn More >

Durayl® LED

Pexco introduces Durayl® LED, featuring the proven attributes of our original Durayl® material and now optimized for the rapidly growing universe of LED applications.  Learn more >