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Barricade Products

Pexco’s Davidson Traffic manufactures barricades which are among the most recognizable traffic control devices and used for road control, delineation, or crowd control situations. 

Temporary Pedestrian Access Route (TPAR) Barricade

Pexco’s TPAR, Type II Barricade is an ADA, MUTCD and NCHRP-350 compliant temporary traffic control device. It provides safe continuous guidance for pedestrians through urban work zones. Components are quick to assemble and easy to store and transport.

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Type III Barricades

T3B™ Plastic Barricade Products are the perfect answer to the problem of how to comply with the requirements of Federal Report # NCHRP 350. Our barricade parts are lightweight; a six-foot X-Tube upright weighs only a little over 3 pounds, an eight-foot 1" x 8" T3B panel weighs only 5 pounds. The entire upright assembly for an 8-foot Type III T3B barricade weighs only 22 pounds!

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O-Frame Barricade

You have never seen anything quite like our O-Frame Barricade Leg! It works like a traditional A-Frame barricade but it is far superior. It allows crowds to be cordoned off and has many other distinct advantages like ADA Style conformity, exceptional strength, and a unique feature for branding.

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Sage Grouse Fence Marker

Pexco is proud to announce the introduction of the Sage Grouse Fence Marker. The SGF marker increases visibility of the fence line, reducing the collision hazard and mortality rate.  Read More >