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Guardrail Reflectors

Pexco offers a wide variety of Guardrail markers to provide durable and effective delineation of steel w-beam guardrails.

Hinged Guardrail Reflectors

Guardrail reflectors featuring our "Gator Jaws" polyurethane hinge have the ability to flex when impacted, resulting in lower maintenance and longer life.  

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Standard Non-Hinged Guardrail Reflectors

Standard non-hinged guardrail reflectors are MUTCD-compliant, provide excellent nighttime reflectivity, and are available in many sizes and grades of sheeting in order to meet local specifications.

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Sage Grouse Fence Marker

Pexco is proud to announce the introduction of the Sage Grouse Fence Marker. The SGF marker increases visibility of the fence line, reducing the collision hazard and mortality rate.  Read More >