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Standard Non-Hinged Barrier Reflectors

Pexco's standard, non-hinged barrier reflectors are widely used for either top or side-mount delineation of concrete barriers.



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Standard PCBMs come in seven different sizes to meet a variety of specifications:

  • PCBM-9 - our smallest reflector meets minimum MUTCD requirements
  • PCBM-12 - our most popular unit can be top or side-mounted
  • PCBM-15 - our tall, top-mount model, ideal for snowy climates
  • PCBM-L16 - our tallest unit, designed to match the height of roadside delineator posts
  • Little Dog PCBM - an extra-large, top-mount delineator
  • Big Dog PCBM - the name says it all!
  • All of these models are available in a variety of reflective sheetings to comply with local specifications


Key features of the PCBMs:

  • UV-stabilized polymers for long life in both work zones and permanent installations
  • Typical applications include temporary and permanent concrete barriers, concrete bridge parapets and wooden guardrail posts
  • PCBM bases are pre-drilled for either adhesive or bolt mounting
  • Use our specially formulated adhesive 795A for a quick, reliable and less labor intensive installation
  • Available in 7 different sizes
  • PCBMs are available in 3 grades of reflective sheeting: AR 1000, Diamond Grade and Flexible High Intensity
  • PCBMs meet specifications nationwide!

Product Information Sheets

PCBM Barrier Markers Overview
PCBM Options & Applications

Installation Procedures:
PCBM Installation Procedures


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