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RPMs & Halftracks

Effective and convenient long-term temporary road markers are designed to be long lasting enough for use in both low volume roads and interstate highways to provide clear guidance to motorists both night and day.

RPMs and Halftracks

High visibility and longer distances means more preview time for drivers to see, think and react as they drive through hazardous work zones. The brightness of pavement markings becomes more critical as drivers age. Work zones are much safer when the lanes have been clearly delineated with Pexco, Davidson's RPMs and Halftrack durable work zone markers.

Night driving is especially dangerous in work zones. RPMs and Halftracks utilize a highly efficient cube-corner micro prism reflector which makes them 3 times brighter than other markers. Our markers outshine paint and tape especially on rainy nights when they disappear under a film of water.


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Vertical Panel Overview

RPM & Halftrack Overview

RPM & Halftrack Installation Procedures

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RPMs & Halftracks

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