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Roadside Delineator Posts

Roadside delineator posts  -  impact-resistant, flexible plastic posts  -  provide drivers with a warning of a change in alignment and tracking of the roadway during traverse of a curve. The effectiveness of these posts has been well documented:  they reduce fatal crashes by 15 percent, non-fatal injury crashes by 6 percent, and run-off-the-road crashes by 25-58 percent. Pexco offers four styles of posts made of recycled engineering polymers designed to withstand repeated impacts.

FG 300 Ground Mount

  • The upright post is the durable and incredibly tough FG 300 post!
  • The 2 part system uses a permanent anchor and replaceable upright post
  • They are easy to install by hand or using common tools
  • The anchor is a common 2” square PSST sleeve
  • A single pin allows for quick and easy replacement of damaged posts
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FG 400 / 500 Posts

  • The first posts to exceed field performance standards using recycled polymers!
  • Superior outdoor weatherability and UV stabilized
  • Select from Engineering Grade, High Intensity or Super High Intensity sheeting to meet state specifications and provide superb nighttime visibility
  • Available in various lengths and colors
  • Soil anchor systems are available
  • Custom orders include colors and message decals for utility markers
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  • Low-cost post increases visibility and improves safety
  • Plastic PVC material makes them highly flexible
  • UV stabilized – impervious to the environment
  • Easy to install
  • Available in custom colors and lengths
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Sage Grouse Fence Marker

Pexco is proud to announce the introduction of the Sage Grouse Fence Marker. The SGF marker increases visibility of the fence line, reducing the collision hazard and mortality rate.  Read More >