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Specialty Reflector Products

Increase the visibility of roadside furniture, traffic signs and lower traffic accidents with simple, low-cost accessories that install in seconds.  Call attention to raised medians, school crosswalks, barriers and guardrails, and dangerous roadside hazards without major expense or renovation. The Pexco Davidson family of traffic safety products are all designed to increase visibility, improve safety and reduce maintenance.

ELD - Enhanced Linear Delineation System

  • "Ribbon of Light" provides superior guidance to motorists
  • Fast and easy to install onto steel guardrails or concrete barrier walls
  • Low-cost safety solution improves roadway safety
  • Uses well-established reflective components
  • Stretches your budget while increasing safety
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Island Alert Curb Reflector

  • Provides a continuous ribbon of reflectivity
  • Simple – prime, peel & stick application
  • Practical – low-cost safety solution improves roadway safety
  • Flexible – notched foot allows installation to match curvature
  • Durable – UV-stable flexible polyurethane for long life in the field
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Sign Post Reflectors

  • Mounts in minutes with factory-applied very high bond adhesive strips
  • Usable on any existing flat wooden or steel sign support post
  • First sign post panel to offer reliable peel-n-stick convenience
  • Prismatic sheeting provides dramatic night-time visibility
  • MUTCD approved (2003 Edition, Section 2A.21)
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HOT Dot®

Pexco's HOT Dot® is a 3 inch center mount reflector that is impact resistant and waterproof. Impacts only dimple the HOT Dot® and there is no air gap for water to get inside and kill reflectivity.

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Pexco is proud to announce the introduction of the Sage Grouse Fence Marker. The SGF marker increases visibility of the fence line, reducing the collision hazard and mortality rate for this species of bird.

Sage Grouse Fence Marker Overview

HOT/HOV/Managed Lanes Solutions

Click here to learn more about Pexco's solutions for HOT/HOV lanes and to view our new Managed Lanes brochure.    

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