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Traffic Safety Products

At Pexco Davidson Traffic Control Products we are passionate in our pursuit of excellence and dedicate ourselves to the very best of quality in everything we do. We are always working towards developing new products, being aware of the ever-changing conditions and the need for improved safety. We strive to delight our customers, work together for the benefit of the driving public and live up to our motto “Creating Products to Save Lives.”

Bollards and Channelizer Posts

Channelizer posts save lives by properly directing traffic and reducing the chance of accidents in many locations. Our posts are durable and bright, highly visible, day and night. They clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting.

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Posts for Separated Bike Lanes

Cities across the country are making more room for the cycling population a priority, with protected bike lanes providing the safest alternative for increasing ridership and reducing traffic-related injuries.  As state-of-the-art designs are being implemented nationwide to create separated spaces for cyclists, flexible posts and bollards play a vital role in providing maximum protection for riders. 

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Lane Separator Curb Systems

The Interstate Grade FG 300 Curb System is a median separation system that provides efficient and cost-effective channelization of traffic on freeways, toll-ways, city streets and rail-highway at-grade crossings. This 1-piece curb system is an FHWA-approved passive traffic control device consisting of modular raised curb sections mountable by emergency vehicles, and FG 300 EFX uprights, the toughest channelizer posts on the market.

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Roadside Delineator Posts

These drivable flexible guide posts for roadside delineation are made of recycled engineering polymers and are made to withstand repeated impacts.

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Jersey Barrier Reflectors

Pexco's PCBM portable concrete barrier markers are made of high-impact thermoplastics for long, maintenance-free life in the field.  Pexco can manufacture concrete jersey barrier reflectors using any grade or color of reflective sheeting in order to meet your local requirements.

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Guardrail Reflectors

Pexco’s Guardrail markers are the most effective and convenient products on the market that provide bright delineation of steel w-beam guardrails.

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Specialty Reflectors

Increase the visibility of traffic signs and lower traffic accidents with a simple accessory compatible with existing sign posts that installs in seconds. Call attention to school crosswalks, barriers, evacuation routes, dangerous roadside objects and many other signs without major expense or renovation.

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Snow Poles & Posts

Snow removal presents some unique problems, especially at night, dusk and dawn.  These highly fluorescent guides help plow operators avoid hazards and reduce damage to fixed objects.

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Pavement Markers

Pexco’s Davidson Traffic Control Products has many products for work zone pavement and pavement markers.

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Parking and Facility Management

The Pexco Davidson family of traffic safety products are all designed to increase visibility, improve safety and reduce maintenance. All are created with high durability, providing customers cost effective solutions for their parking safety management needs.

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Crosswalk Safety Signs

Every day pedestrians are at risk when crossing the street. There are approximately 5,000 pedestrian deaths per year in the United States. This is an alarming problem that needs to be addressed with durable, low cost safety solutions.

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Barricade Products

Pexco’s Davidson Traffic manufactures barricades which are among the most recognizable traffic control devices and used for road control, delineation, or crowd control situations. 

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Support Products

Pexco offers a variety of adhesives, primers, epoxies and bolts to successfully install many of our products, along with many bases that support our posts.

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Pexco Improves Safety on the 6th most Dangerous Road in the World

Traffic safety is a serious concern on the Dalton Highway, a 414-mile road in Alaska, one of the most remote, and the 6th most dangerous highway in the world. In order to improve the safety of this vital roadway, Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator post that would improve visibility for DOT workers and “ice road” truck drivers plus reduce maintenance for the agency.

Comprehensive City Post Product Brochure

New - All three City Post models (Glue Down, Surface Mount, and Embedded Anchor Cup) – with new features – now in one brochure! 

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