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Implantable & Bioresorbable Plastic Injection Molding

Experience counts with implantable plastics and bioresorbable plastic component and solutions manufacturing.  Pexco’s Spectrum Injection Molding division helped pioneer thermoplastic implantable and bioresorbable components a decade ago and we have only become wiser and more efficient ever since.  

Implantable Surgical Components & Systems

Pexco has developed a unique expertise with implantable PEEK, the full range of bioresorbable materials, and other engineered materials approved for implant into the corpus.    

  • PEEK-OPTIMA®, polyurethane, ABS/PC, polysulfone, and Solviva® Biomaterials (Zeniva® PEEK, Proniva®, Veriva® PPSU, and Eviva® PSU) as well as Evonik’s full line including Vestakeep® PEEK
  • Miniaturized screws and fasteners; metal replacement
  • Products and components hold bone, tissue, ligaments, etc.
  • Devices for ligament reattachment, anastomosis of small vessels, nerve reconstruction, and cranial maxillofacial surgeries

Bioabsorbables / Bioresorbables

Bioabsorbable products and components return to carbon dioxide in the body.  They can remain in the body from 1-2 months to 4 years, depending on the application and the material chemistry.   They pose unique preparation, processing, and handling challenges due to their chemical makeup.   Applications range across sports medicine, trauma, cardiology, cosmetic surgery, and oncology/neurology

  • PLLA and other PLA-like derivatives (PLD, PLG, PLDL, PG)
  • Suture anchors and screws, fasteners, staples, and ties
  • Microvascular anastomosis devices
  • Bone & tissue scaffolding

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

A Powerful Combination

We advise customers using our expertise of efficient part design, mold design, appropriate plastic material, and production processes. This assists in the development of workable designs for injection molding, without compromising functionality of your part or product.

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Next Generation Implant Devices

In this case study, a major player in the orthopedic medical device market wanted to leverage its relationship with Pexco to launch an innovative new surgical device for knee reconstruction procedures.