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Custom Medical Plastics & Assembly

Our broad manufacturing and service capabilities offer OEMs the benefits of supplier simplification, reduced liability and risk mitigation, geographic proximity and cost control, and flexibility in small to large production quantities.

Custom Plastics & Medical Manufacturing

Rigid & Flexible Extrusion Technology: Pexco offers a wide variety of extrusion capabilities to meet your needs.

Multiple Molding Technologies: Pexco offers a wide variety of molding technologies to meet the needs of your project, including traditional injection molding, over-molding, insert molding, Multi-Shot molding, and micro-molding.

Cleanroom Packaging: Pexco has expertise to package your product to the stringent specifications of FDA/OEM's with the understanding of its critical importance. From nitrogen-purged foil pouches to Tyvek®-sealed rigid thermoformed trays, or other packaging requirements as identified, Pexco can meet your packaging requirements and deliver a packaged product. We deliver your product ready for the next stage of distribution, or deliver to sterilization, if needed.

Assembly: Pexco has been offering assembly to compliment our cleanroom molding for 50+ years. We offer manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes. As your contract manufacturing and product development partner we will bring this expertise to life, working with you to find the best solution for your program and quantities.

Sterilization Management: At Pexco, we understand the importance to each and every step of the Medical Device product development and go to market processes, including the critical step of sterilization. We will suggest various sterilization methods and also a provider of that process, and work with you to insure your product is delivered on time, conforming to all requirements. We routinely provide documentation and certifications required for delivery to the sterilization service provider of your choice.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM): Often, many quality-enhancing and cost-saving manufacturing factors can be identified and nailed down in the design phase. Pexco consistently demonstrates its value by providing input on efficient part design, mold design, materials, and production processes. We work as a partner with you to deliver workable designs for injection molding, and without compromising the functionality of your part or product

Tool Transfers: When you are looking to reshore a program, consolidate suppliers, or just relocate a program from an under-performing vendor, Spectrum can help you get your program transferred and ramped up quickly and effectively.

Multiple Points of Manufacture & Distribution: Reducing costly incoming inspection time, we are able to ship directly to the medical manufacturer due to our thorough quality control and considerable footprint.


Four Corner Manufacturing

With eight medical Class 7 and Class 8 clean rooms across 5 sites in North America, including 2 in Mexico, Pexco has your manufacturing needs covered, with the capacity to grow with your products' launch and success.
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Pexco recently announced its acquisition of Precision Extrusion, Inc. of Glens Falls, New York, greatly expanding its capabilities.  Click here to learn more.