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Medical Micromolding

Pexco and Spectrum Plastics have developed micro molding capability as part of its comprehensive portfolio of plastic manufacturing processes.  Micromolding refers to the molding and manufacture of small parts, often less than a single gram or even pellet in size, or of parts with features that are unusually diminutive in size.  

Micro Insert Molding Capabilities

Micro molding requires specialized equipment with notable attention to tooling design and detail.  In addition to the relative size of the part or specific features, micro molding often expresses critical tolerances to the component design.  Pexco has extensive experience in the micromolding of PEEK and other implantable and/or bioresorbable thermoplastics. 

  • Part sizes that are a fraction of a gram or as small as a single pellet 
  • High speed injection
  • Viscosity curve control
  • High temperature molding
  • High performance engineered thermoplastics such as PEEK, PPSU, or PEI
  • Bioresorbable suite of materials
  • High resolution inspection
  • Experienced micromold toolmakers

For a leaflet summarizing our micro molding capability, click here.  

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

A Powerful Combination

We advise customers using our expertise of efficient part design, mold design, appropriate plastic material, and production processes. This assists in the development of workable designs for injection molding, without compromising functionality of your part or product.

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Next Generation Implant Devices

In this case study, a major player in the orthopedic medical device market wanted to leverage its relationship with Pexco to launch an innovative new surgical device for knee reconstruction procedures.