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Medical Products

For over 50 years, Pexco products have been recognized as leading and innovating solutions for the medical plastics industry.  As an FDA registered contract manufacturer with ability to do medical and surgical tubing, profile extrusion, CNC machining, and specialty injection molding, our focus on quality is why customers look to Pexco to meet their detailed product needs.

Extruded Tubing

Pexco medical tubing features catheter tubing, single and multilumen configurations; microbore size precision and tolerances; co-, tri-, and multiple layered extrusions; paratubing; braiding, and wire encapsulation.  Materials range from PVC to polyurethanes to nylon co-polymers to polycarbonate to PEEK.  From high volume capacity to small batch specialty production.

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Medical Injection Molded Plastics

Pexco’s Spectrum Molded solutions are premium, high quality component and full assembly medical plastics.  We are a major supplier to orthopedic, dental, drug delivery, sports medicine, and medical device market customers.  Our Spectrum division is a recognized leader in performance medical plastics, including implantable and bioresorbable materials.  Time and again, medical companies have turned to our Spectrum division with confidence.

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Medical Micromolding

Micromolding requires specialized equipment with notable attention to tooling design and detail.  In addition to the relative size of the part or specific features, micromolding often expresses critical tolerances to the component design.  Pexco has extensive experience in the micromolding of PEEK and other implantable and bioresorbable thermoplastics. 

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Other Custom Medical Plastics

Pexco’s broad plastic manufacturing capabilities are easily applied to a variety of other plastic solutions and needs in the medical market, those established and those only born as ideas in your mind.  Pexco is an industry leader in open profile extrusion, and insert- and over-molding plastics for disposable devices and medical instruments.  We support all volumes of production, and serve as an FDA registered contract manufacturer including packaging and sterilization management. 

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Medical Capabilities

A Powerful Combination

Pexco’s capabilities include medical tubing extrusion; injection molding; micromolding; plastic profile extrusion; assembly, packaging, and sterilization management services; and more.

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Partnership Planning

In this case study a young start-up had the product and design, but no place and no one to manufacture it.  The fledgling company needed a contract manufacturer with not only the right equipment, but the right mindset to take on a project they both believed in.