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Medical Tubing & Plastic Extrusions

No matter the end-use segment, the demands of any medical tubing product applications can be met by Pexco -–-  the need for stringent quality standards and tight tolerance production; clean-room manufacturing and protocols; catheter production or sub-assembly; wire-reinforced or braided; and para- or co-extrusions of different polymeric materials or alternative substances altogether, such as copper wire for electrical conductivity.  Whatever the need, Pexco is ready to deliver for the challenges you face.

Single & Multilumen Tubing

PVC, HDPE, LDPE, Urethane, PP, Peba, Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS, PETG, Polysulfone, PEI, PEEK, FEP

  • Dimensional min/max
    • OD 0.0025” min; 4.0” max
    • ID 0.0018” min; 4.0” max
    • Minimum tolerances 0.0005"
    • Multilumen range of sizes from 0.020" (0.5mm) to 0.400" (10 mm)
    • Up to 10 lumens depending upon size of material
  • Thin walled tubing
  • IV Cannula / Catheter Tubing
  • High pressure tubing
  • Wire-reinforced, coiled or braided tubing
  • Balloon tubing for 0.5 mm to 50mm Balloon
  • Vacuum sizing

Pexco openly accepts and encourages engineering development projects, prototype, and production runs. We provide quick-turn solutions to facilitate your innovation, and continuous improvement for manufacturing efficiency.

Microbore tubing

Pexco features specialty extruders, typically 3/4", to satisfy the needs of precision tubing at the micro level.  Pexco provides catheter extrusions and catheter sub-assemblies.  

Co-, Tri, and Multilayered Extrusion

Pexco specializes in co- and tri-extruded tubing, aligning materials with different performance properties for unique applications into a single solution.

  • Multilayered materials
  • Wire encapsulation
  • Coiled tubing
  • Paratubing, solvent and UV bonding
  • Striped tubing

Acetal Mandrel (Solid Rod Extrusion)

Pexco also offers, via its Precision Extrusion operation in Glens Falls, New York, mandrel core extrusion for use in the manufacture of wire-reinforced or braided extruded product.  

  • Consistent diameter, roundness, and smooth surface provide for easy removal with low force
  • Premium layered plain Acetal mandrel
  • Premium layered Acetal blend with silicone surface
  • Economy version
  • Acetal or Silicone Acetal layer with stainless steel wire reinforcing

Medical Capabilities

A Powerful Combination

Pexco’s capabilities include medical tubing extrusion; injection molding; plastic profile extrusion; assembly, packaging, and sterilization management services; and more.  All of our Medical manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified.  

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Pexco Acquires Precision Extrusion, Inc.

Pexco has acquired Precision Extrusion, Inc. of Glens Falls, New York, greatly expanding its technical medical extrusion capabilities.  Read the press release by clicking Here.