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A Display Merchandiser Rolls Out New Design With Pexco’s Help

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A leading point-of-purchase display merchandiser had a national quick-service restaurant clamoring for a custom signage unit that would roll out to thousands of stores in time for the new year. Unfortunately, the custom design specifications and tight deadline could not be matched by any of the company’s current suppliers.

Pexco was able to provide and coordinate an experienced design team across multiple sites nationwide that exceeded expectations and delivered the job on time and on budget.


Innovative Thinking:

To survive today’s ultra competitive quick-serve and fast-casual competition, every aspect of the restaurant environment has to enhance the brand, improve the customer experience and drive sales. This means consistently serving up new point-of-purchase displays that are as fresh as the menu options they promote.

For this new store promotion, the retailer wanted to start at the ceiling, and specified a new cube display that would hold four promotional posters and draw the eye upward. While the finished displays would effectively do their job once in place, critical in the success would be the ability for the restaurant staff to quickly and easily assemble the cube by snapping pieces together and inserting the posters, leaving no room for manufacturing defects or errors.

The pressure of delivering this huge order was enormous for the point-of-purchase house. The long standing relationship was on the line and the tight turnaround and super sized order over the winter holidays was causing stress.

Enter Pexco, who has a highly-skilled design team, multi-site custom extrusion capability and a solid track record in point-of-purchase display manufacturing. The first point of contact was an e-mail to Pexco’s Huntington Beach, California site.

When the sketches and photo of the prototype arrived the multi-site engineering team rapidly set to work to collaborate and deliver pricing and designs in less than two days. A key element in the accurate and economical production estimate was finding enough of the specified grade of raw material. A quick call to suppliers found domestic inventories were not available and the deadline did not allow for overseas delivery. Fortunately, Pexco was able to make a substitute material recommendation and sourced an alternative in-house grade, which was available in the large quantity and also provided a perfect color match for the mat black frame.

Next, the team developed a prototype that included extruding a double hollow frame with a specific tolerance that would mate with a customer-provided injection molded connector that would keep the entire frame square and in place. In developing the specified extrusion, Pexco’s design team also had to account for the weight and size of the posters to ensure the piece would not buckle when assembled. Engineering teams from several locations were able to weigh in and assist in refining the final design.

Pexco’s dedicated customer service team in Chicago maintained daily contact with the customer and provided proactive updates. Another benefit of Pexco’s multi-site capability was realized when the 100,00 square foot Chicago facility was set to run the entire job, extruding almost 70 miles of framing pieces in less than two weeks.

A key element was ensuring the pieces, which would create more than 20,000 kits would arrive on time and intact. To ensure the finished pieces would not warp or break during transit from the cold Chicago temperatures to California, the team worked closely with the transit company. And, just as the holidays were wrapping up, Pexco paused for a moment to celebrate the successfully delivery of more than 100,000 pieces to the customer, and then quickly got back to work.


Key Takeaways:

  • Proven ability to provide quick turnaround and a custom retail solution.
  • Proprietary engineered solution to meet and exceed specifications.
  • Rapid, just-in-time delivery


About Pexco:
Part of Odyssey Investment Partners LLC and based in Atlanta with ten plants in the United States and Mexico, Pexco is a North American leader in the design and fabrication of custom extruded plastics products. It provides standard and specialty parts and components to manufacturers and end-users for a broad range of custom applications, including the aerospace, retail, traffic safety, medical, lighting and fence industries. Pexco offers a full range of custom design, engineering and fabrication services. Pexco meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, holds ISO 14001 registration for its manufacturing operations and operates three Class 100,000 clean rooms. For more information, visit or contact Matthew Robida, Vice President of Business Development.


Pexco ‘s experienced team provided quick feedback on the product specifications and was able to source in-house materials, saving the customer time and money.

Multi-site Capability

A prime benefit of Pexco’s multi-site capability meant the high priority job could be accommodated at the 100,000 square foot Chicago facility , which extruded almost 70 miles of framing pieces.