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A P.O.P Display House Partners with Pexco for a Shelving Solution

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A leading point-of-purchase display manufacturer for a retail clothing store had a custom signage unit that would roll-out over 900 stores with a tight deadline and needed expert advice on the design and manufacturing execution.



A unique design solution leveraging Pexco’s thermoplastics and manufacturing know-how that saved the customer time and money while doing direct-to-store shipments.


Innovative Thinking:

Pexco’s Retail/P.O.P. group has been around for over 45 years and has catered to creating custom signage for P.O.P. display houses, merchandisers, and retailers. Over the last few years, Pexco has developed a program called a “Lunch and Learn” where a few of Pexco’s Sales Managers meet with a prospective customer and over lunch review Pexco’s capabilities and how it applies its plastics know-how to in-store signage solutions.

The program landed this specific opportunity, a project involving a 12-inch extruded sign. The requirements included a sign that could easily transfer from one shelf to another, that would stay in place when bumped, that would match-up when side-by-side because the angles were 90 degrees, and lastly, that the sign would permit an unobstructed view of the price tag.

When reviewing the initial design from the customer, one of Pexco’s longstanding technical field sales managers noticed that the design incorporated an expensive tape that would likely create problems down the road. The tape was supposed to help reduce movement when bumped however; it would leave a sticky residue on the shelf. It just wasn’t ideal. Moreover, this customer wanted the parts to last for at least a year and longer if possible. And this is where the cost angle came into play.

So Pexco’s technical field sales manager suggested to use a flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in combination with a high impact polystyrene (HIPS) to create the plastic sign. The flexible TPE would replace the tape and would act as an effective gripper to the shelf. This would ensure a life cycle that would outlast the expensive tape at a more affordable price.

Pexco’s customer decided to trust the advice and change the design. The original order was 33,000 pieces and this modification saved the customer over 25% of the original total cost.   And whereas the expected tool design to delivery was initially set at 12 weeks, Pexco turned this project around in half the time even with direct-to-store shipments. Because of these results, Pexco’s customer placed another order a few months later for 66,000 pieces with the same deployment schedule.

Pexco’s ability, developed over the years, to create partnerships with P.O.P. manufacturer’s like this one demonstrates its Trusted Advisor concept at work. Pexco’s wealth of knowledge comes from years of acquisitions of small plastic manufacturing companies that have joined together and share specialty processing information. Pexco’s processing expertise coupled with its technical field sales managers makes Pexco a very easy company to do business with.


About Pexco:
Based in Atlanta, Georgia with several manufacturing plants across the United States and Mexico, Pexco is a North American leader in the design and fabrication of specialty plastics products. It provides standard and custom products and components to manufacturers and end-users for a broad range of market applications, including the Aerospace, Medical, Filtration, Lighting, and other Industrial sectors. Pexco offers a full range of design, engineering and fabrication services. It operates six Class 7 & Class 8 medical clean rooms. Pexco meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and holds ISO 14001, ISO 13485, 21 CFR 820, OHSAS 18001, GMP, AS9100C, ITAR and other registrations and/or certifications for its manufacturing operations. Pexco is your trusted plastics advisor for specialty plastic products and solutions. For more information, visit or contact 404-564-8560.



Custom Design

Pexco specializes in P.O.P. fixture manufacturing, providing plastic extrusions and assembled solutions for point-of-purchase retail displays.


Pexco excels at both custom and standard profiles, kitting, speed to market with in-house tool and die manufacturing, and rapid prototyping using 3D printer technology. With all these capabilities, Pexco remains a top solutions provider throughout the industry.