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Medical Trusted Advisors

Pexco's Trusted Advisors are here to educate those who want to learn more about plastic processing and manufacturing.  Not only do we have years of experience working within the plastic manufacturing industry, but we also understand the critical demands of our customers.  If you would like to learn more about a specific capability, please contact us and let us know.  

Insert Molding    
Our micro insert molding capabilities extend those benefits even further, from electronic sub assemblies, to complex components, even implantable assemblies for medical applications.    

Medical Capabilities

A Powerful Combination

Pexco’s capabilities include medical tubing extrusion; injection molding; plastic profile extrusion; assembly, packaging, and sterilization management services; and more.

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Next Generation Implant Devices

In this case study, a major player in the orthopedic medical device market wanted to leverage its relationship with Pexco to launch an innovative new surgical device for knee reconstruction procedures.