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AisleSmart™ Sets New Criteria for In-Store Merchandising Success

ATLANTA (January 31, 2011) – Pexco, one of North America's leading manufacturers of point-of-purchase merchandising solutions, has introduced AisleSmart, a family of six innovative products that meet strict criteria for labor savings, adaptability to multiple applications and consumer education.

“Our clients rely on us to develop and deliver innovative retail solutions that effectively increase sales and operational efficiencies. Our AisleSmart products represent our proven in-store merchandising solutions that are easy to install and deliver information consumers need to make an informed decision at the point of sale," said Dan Bardgett, Pexco Vice President of Sales for Retail.

Pexco’s AisleSmart products can be manufactured in any of the company’s seven production facilities in the United States and Mexico and include: Info Wheel, Price Pivot, Magnetic Topper, Flagged Upright Aisle Marker, 2-Sided Way Finder and Omniclip. To qualify as an AisleSmart solution, the product must meet one or more of the following criteria: unique to market, more functional, work across multiple applications, provide labor savings and educate consumers. AisleSmart products include:

  • Info Wheel displays product information inside a rotating tube and features an integrated shelf extrusion that can be used for pricing or planogram identification to better educate shoppers. The finished tube measures .067-in W X 3.798-in H X 47.56” L.
  • Price Pivot quickly snaps into a standard c-channel and can pivot up and down to accommodate multiple shelf heights. The ability to slide printed labels into the clear plastic holder makes displaying information easy.The Price Pivot can be cut to any length and measures .25-in W x 3.125-in H.
  • Magnetic Topper is a lightweight and durable sign holder that attaches to gondola systems using a magnet and does not require any tools for installation. The Magnetic Topper measures 1.27-in H x 4.365-in W x
    49.94-in L
  • Flagged Upright Aisle Marker can be used as a left or right hand marker and is co-extruded with a gripper design to easily affix to a merchandiser without tools or metal mounting hardware. The marker measures 1.402-in W x 15.15-in H and can be extruded in any length.
  • 2-Sided Way Finder is a flexible solution that works as a way finder to direct shoppers by vertically displaying multiple categories. A simple graphic change allows it to be used as a header to display brands or product prices. The product measures .515-in w x 9.056-in high and can be extruded in any length.
  • Omni Clip is molded from durable material and designed to withstand repeated use and accommodate different shelf configurations. Omni Clip is designed to fit into any shelf edge, from a standard C-channel, a wire or over the clear lens of a shelf strip. It holds a flag flat to the shelf or perpendicular for enhanced aisle visibility. The unique clip measures 1.13-in.W by
    2.53-in H.

For over 45 years, Pexco has made a name for itself as a leader in the retail and grocery industries. Pexco's broad range of retail merchandising solutions includes sign holders, label holders/shelf strips, product merchandising, wire/peg hooks and accessories. The company is also a custom developer of in-store products designed to positively impact labor savings, work across multiple applications and educate and guide consumers, allowing them to make more informed buying decisions.

About Pexco
Based in Atlanta and with seven plants in the United States and Mexico, Pexco is a North American leader in the design and fabrication of extruded plastics products. It provides standard and custom parts and components to manufacturers and end-users in the aerospace, retail, traffic safety, medical, lighting and fence industries. Pexco also offers a full range of custom design, engineering and fabrication services. Pexco meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, holds ISO 14001 registration for all of its manufacturing operations and operates two class 100,000 clean rooms. For more information, visit

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