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Time to Stop Tossing the Rakes

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Yes, times have changed. As we settle into a new normal, small snags can come into play when we attempt to go back to our regular routine. Obstacles can sometimes come out of nowhere (“Fore!”). Communal items need to be re-evaluated in order to keep those around us safe. Bunker rakes are a prime example of a small challenge that is easily solvable. 

VinylGuard Golf, a Pexco company, is the solution! As an alternative to leaving scores of rakes in sheds, let’s make them a personal item to help address the hygiene issue. Instead of leaving communal rakes along the course, which is unsanitary, provide personal rakes to each golfer and sanitize them between uses! The upkeep and sculpting of bunkers are part of the golfing experience--having an orderly and clean course is part of the charm (and part of the game).  

VinylGuard Golf can help refurbish old and worn rake handles making maintenance easy. Disinfecting bunker rake handles between uses solves your sanitization issue. So, don’t bench the bunker rakes—help keep them clean with VinylGuard Golf. 

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