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Innovative Wire, Cable and Tubing Protection

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Having problems organizing and protecting critical components? Heat shrink tubing offers an added layer of insulation, environmental protection, and abrasion resistance for wires, cables and tubes. Made from a thermoplastic that shrinks and conforms when exposed to high temperatures, shrink tubing is used across numerous markets. Insultab, part of the Pexco family of companies, has specialized in tubing and specifically heat shrinkable tubing products since 1964.

Heat shrink tubing is often used in electrical applications. This tubing aids in the insulation and binding of loose wires, wire splices, and delivers strain relief while helping to keep external elements like moisture and dust from causing shorts and failures. Shrink tubing is also commonly used to organize wires, cables and tubes by color for easier identification, in simple projects and on assembly lines. This product can be manufactured using different resins that provide unique properties allowing you to create a best fit solution based on the needs of your project.

In addition to the bundling and organization of wires, there are a multitude of other uses for heat shrink tubing. It even provides the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing and being easier to clean. Used across a range of industries, including electrical, medical, military, landscape, and food and beverage, these products can be part of a solution to many common problems:

  • Ensuring electrical wires are bundled properly
  • Organization of critical elements
  • Replacing and repairing outdated handles and grips
  • Providing protection to fragile components like LED light whips
  • Protecting irregular shapes
  • Preventing scratches, knicks, and other abrasions during production
  • Resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, and more

To learn more, and to help extend the life of critical components while offering an additional layer of protection, browse the Insultab shrink tubing offering at www.insultab.com or request a quote today.

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