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What Makes Polysulfone Good for High Performance Applications?

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Fluid handling and filtration processes significantly impact the quality of our lives every single day – from the juices we purchase and consume to the water we drink at home and at work. Regardless of the industry in which fluid handling/ filtration is required, safety and success are heavily dependent upon the materials used to deliver these liquids. 


A Leader in High Performance Strength

Polysulfone (PSU) is a high-performance polymer known for its exceptional toughness and rigidity. Well-suited to applications requiring resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis, Polysulfone can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and repeated sterilization, whether in-line or through an autoclave. As a result, it has become a material of choice for countless food, beverage, dairy, automotive, life sciences, and membrane filtration system components. 


Remarkable Resistance

In recent years, Polysulfone has emerged as a superior alternative to many Polycarbonate applications due to its inherent ability to withstand attack from repeated exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, and back-flushing operations. Transparent and amber-shaded formulations of the material can also help to enhance visual monitoring processes for fluid transfers through filtration components. 

Boasting one of the highest service temperatures among all thermoplastic materials, Polysulfone is an excellent choice for applications requiring high chemical, electrical and combustion resistance. This high-performance resin’s ability to withstand high temperatures also makes it a strong candidate for products requiring flame retardancy – with or without the addition of separate flame retardants. 


Secondary Processing

When considering Polysulfone for an end use application, secondary processing is an important consideration. Filtration components often require hole drilling, notching, and punching to improve the form, fit and function of the product. Polysulfone’s strength and rigidity can present downstream processing challenges for organizations that lack experience. It’s important to choose a manufacturer that possesses exceptional capabilities in Polysulfone machining and fabrication. The ability to machine Polysulfone parts inhouse is preferred. Companies that provide “one stop shopping” for extrusion and downstream processing can enhance part precision and on-time delivery with reduced lead-times. This happens because parts do not have to pass through the hands of multiple suppliers to reach their destination.  


Unparalleled Experience

Scandia Plastics is an industry leader in the extrusion of custom Polysulfone tubes and profiles, providing superior filtration and fluid handling solutions to customers around the world for nearly 50 years.  In addition to extensive high-performance materials expertise, Scandia, a Pexco company, offers a full array of secondary operations and value-added services.  Available in-house capabilities include machining, drilling, punching, heat sealing, color matching, barcode printing, and more.  Anti-static coating applications are also available, as are ESD protective connector cover additions.  To learn more about how Scandia Plastics can help deliver cost-effective, on-time solutions for your Polysulfone project needs, please contact us for a free consultation.  


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