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Profile Extrusion Manufacturer

In a general sense, all shaped or configured extrusions are profile extrusions, whether tube or another geometric cross-section in form. Basically, any extrusion that is not a flat sheet or film product.  However, Pexco tends to distinguish between open profile configurations and extrusions versus closed ones.  And more to the point, closed configurations of simple geometries are often better referred to as tubes.  

Profile Extrusion Technology

Custom plastic extrusion is Pexco’s DNA. For more than 50 years, Pexco has been developing and manufacturing profile extrusions.  More than 80 engineering and production specialists provide consultation, design and production of custom extrusions to meet a variety of end-use challenges. 

Profile extrusion is an art and skill.  Maintaining quailty and tolerances with the extrudate downstream from the die is no simple task. Pexco operates 6 internal tool and die centers across the United States, and we desploy the most sophisticated cooling methods.  

Pexco is your Trusted Advisor for plastic profile extrusion.   

Custom Plastics

Pexco was born in custom plastics. Specialty custom plastic solutions are part of Pexco’s DNA. We can serve your needs across countless market applications.

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Team Up

Quickly turn engineering concepts into high quality products with Pexco.

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