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High Volume Plastics Manufacturing

In addition to our material and technology range, because of our geographic footprint we are also able to offer multiple points of manufacture and the capacity to grow with you and your success.  

A Leader in Production Manufacturing

Pexco has a nationwide, continental footprint to satisfy the needs of large customers as well as small local companies.

Multiple Points of Distribution: Pexco ships products worldwide from multiple locations in the United States and Mexico.

Range of Capabilities: From extrusion to machining, Pexco has you covered. Customers can choose from a variety of thermoplastic extrusions such as co-ex, multi-ex, open and closed profiles, multi-material, and more.  Additional value-added capabilities include drilling, boring, punching, welding, and full complement of project management services. 

Specialty Resources & Assembly: Our sites offer secondary operations and CNC capabilities in addition to other essentials like sub-assembly and packaging, graphics and pad printing, and more.

Multi-Site Design Support: Engineering design expertise is at your fingertips when you collaborate with the Pexco team.

Materials Variety: Pexco is prepared with deep experience in a wide range of materials, from engineered resins such as polycarbonate, PEEK and multiple bioresorbable options to commodity resins such as acrylic and polypropylene.

Qualifications: Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Pexco is ISO 9001:2008 certified with multiple production facilities across the United States and Mexico. 

Multiple Facilities

One million square feet of production space

Traditional Mindset

Yet sophisticated manufacturing

Learn the history of Pexco and how it evolved to the comprehensive manufacturing footprint and capabilities it features today.