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Plastic Co-Extrusion

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Custom Plastic Co-Extrusion

Co-extrusion is the process by which more than one plastic material is simultaneously worked through a die, utilizing two or more extruders to manufacture a part that has two resins of differing properties. 

Often, custom plastic co-extrusion is used to create an extruded part with multiple performance characteristics related to the different types of plastic materials. Pexco operates multiple co-extruders across its business platform. Common applications are transparent and opaque sections in the same extrusion in lighting applications or creating a hinge using a flexible material — or even possibly a gasket extruded directly onto a rigid part.

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Co-Extrusion Technology

Pexco’s co-extrusion capabilities benefit our customers by creating products that feature different finishes, durometers, colors, and other diverse properties all within a singularly fused component.

These "tricks" are achieved through co-extrusion. 

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