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This page is intended to give a broad overview to Pexco's business and answer questions that are frequently asked.

What Does Pexco Do?

Pexco is a plastics company. We manufacture plastic components and assemblies using a variety of technical processes, including profile extrusion, injection molding, CNC machining, and a host of fabrication, assembly, and other downstream production and value-added methods. The component parts we manufacture range typically from no smaller than a few millimeters in diameter to no larger than a desktop computer. From our extrusion methods, however, the length of our parts can be considerably larger than this frame of reference, approaching even 20 to 30 feet in rigid profile form.


Does Pexco specialize in any sort of material or type of plastics?

No.  Pexco processes over 400 different grades of plastics, ranging from conventional, commodity plastics to high performance engineering materials.  Pexco is a bit unique in this regard for the plastics industry.  We manufacture across this wide variety of materials for a number of different market applications and customers.  We have deep in-house experience across our business platform to leverage for your custom plastics challenges and needs.


Does Pexco extrude Industrial pipe?

No, we do not. Pexco does not extrude cross-linked polyethylene (PEX).


Who should I call with a request for information or a request for quote?

Please submit any inquiry through the website and your submission will be promptly answered. You are welcome to call the corporate office or any of our locations and a representative will be able to direct you to the appropriate person. Typically, the below locations handle requests for the following markets:

Defense : our Minneapolis, Minnesota facility

Medical Extrusion : our Athol, Massachusetts facility

Medical Injection Molding : our Minneapolis, Minnesota facility

Industrial : the Atlanta corporate office or our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania facility

Traffic Safety : our Tacoma, Washington facility

Retail Point of Purchase : our Chicago, Illinois facility

Lighting : our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania facility

Fence : our Athol, MA or our Tacoma, WA facilities.


Are Pexco and Spectrum Plastics part of the same company

Yes.  In 2013 Pexco acquired Spectrum Plastics of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Across each of our divisions – Medical, Defense, Industrial – Pexco sales managers and commercial development personnel will be able to field any of your questions pertaining to either business.


Does every manufacturing site produce all of the Pexco product and technology range?

Across its footprint Pexco maintains select sites as specialty centers of excellence, as indicated by the contact point facilities above, either by market application, material technology know-how, or type of processing technique.  Pexco is able to leverage its full footprint, however, per customer needs and business cases across its geography.  For most of our markets, we manufacture in multiple locations across the continent, able (and for select markets, certified) to serve customers on both coasts and all that is in between.



Custom Plastics

Pexco was born in custom plastics. Specialty custom plastic solutions are part of Pexco’s DNA. We can serve your needs across countless market applications.  Learn More >

Spectrum Aquistion

In 2013, Pexco acquired injection molding capabilities, buying Spectrum Plastics of Minneapolis, Minnesota.