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Why Fence Privacy Matters

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Why Privacy Matters

Fences have been around since medieval times, when small stone walls were used to delineate the boundaries of large hierarchy properties and land baron estates.

Today, Fences are a worldwide integral and necessary addition to many properties. The main purpose of a Fence system is to delineate either a residential, commercial or industrial property by making its perimeter borders very visible and pronounced. This lends to protection and security.

By identifying one’s property with a Fence, there is no doubt where the property lines and ownership lie. This protects the property from possible trespassers or unwanted persons and/or activities to infringe on one’s property.

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Privacy Fence Systems

Today, there are six main Fence systems:
Wood, Chain Link, Ornamental Steel & Aluminum, PVC, Composite and Welded Wire. 

Of the 6 systems shown above, four can feature privacy: Wood, Chain Link, PVC and Composite Fence. Privacy is a frequently sought after factor in Fences. The screening from sight obviously lends to heightened security and protection for many applications. A back yard family gathering, a swimming pool, a large outdoor wholesale retailer storing items in an outdoor yard, an unsightly junk yard, a dumpster enclosure and many other uses where the owners of a property want its contents or people hidden from sight.

Chain Link Fence is one of the largest, oldest and most popular Fence mediums in the world. Pexco’s Privacy Fence Slat Products add different degrees of privacy to chain link fence systems, as well as enhancing them with a wide choice of colors and styles. Fence Slats also increase the security of a chain link fence as they make it more difficult for intruders to climb over the fence.

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