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Lighting Design Support

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If you need help with your lighting component design, our engineers, sales team and project managers are available to help you optimize your material blend, finalize your profile shape, add features, specify tolerances and design linear prisms. Feel free to share your design with Pexco and get one-on-one technical design support.

We are also available to educate and train your team in extrusion design or processing with a hands-on seminar. Our mission is to make our customers’ projects easy and successful.

When our customers win, we win with them. 

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Lighting Technical Resources


Thermal Expansion

The coefficient of thermal expansion is the tendency of matter to change in volume in response to a change in temperature through heat transfer. This worksheet is designed to help predict probable outcomes.


Nominal Tolerance Guide

In manufacturing, dimensions, properties, or conditions may vary within certain practical limits without significantly affecting the functioning of an equipment or a process. Tolerances are specified to allow reasonable leeway for imperfections and inherent variability without compromising performance.


Material Spec Sheets

Pexco understands that optimal material blends are critical for providing the perfect allocation of light diffusion, hiding power and efficacy for your light fixture design.  Pexco offers a wide variety of formulations including exceptional proprietary blends for Lighting OEMs to use in their applications. Our material expertise, with numerous resins, makes Pexco a valuable resource in making the best material choice for your lighting application.

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