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Lighting Capabilities

Pexco’s customers require superior performance and technical support because they want a market advantage. Pexco has developed its capabilities over the years to deliver exactly what our customers want and need to be successful.

Engineering Design Support: A team of engineers help customers select the correct resin blend, prismatic surface, and wall thicknesses to deliver superior optical performance while balancing overall cost. In addition Pexco has tremendous experience in design support for snap features with optimal spring tension between the lens and the light fixture or door frame.

Extrusion: Custom mono and co-extrusion manufacturing for lighting applications. Pexco has the technical expertise and a large variety of equipment to produce small and large, simple and complex profiles, using a vast array of materials and colors. We extrude in multiple locations across the US and Mexico..

Resin blending: With four gravimetric blenders, customers receive the perfect blend of acrylic, impact acrylic, frost, and color to prevent cracks, meet specific light transmission requirements, and hide LED pixilation. Pexco also blends Polycarbonate and other base resins with a variety of additives for lighting component applications.

Fabrication: Custom designed saws to deliver tight length tolerancesand angle cuts; 4 & 5 axis CNC for precision holes and notches, ultrasonic welding, punching,and drilling.

Testing: Performs the following test functions depending on customer requirements:First Article inspection, PPAP, Light Transmission testing, color spectrometry readings and ROMIDOT readouts. We utilize outside labs when necessary.

Speed to Market: Customers have a mandate to get their product to market as quickly as possible. Pexco can provide drape form samples, and extruded functional prototypes within 2-4 weeks. For production preparation, we perfect the tooling through a tuning & development process to provide our customers reliable & consistent part quality.

APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning: Pexco leads customers through an APQP process before tooling design for any new product. This gives customers the best opportunity to eliminate risks.

Education: Are you interested in learning the best design techniques for plastic extruded components? Please contact Pexco to schedule a consultation in extrusion design.

Technical Resources

As your contract manufacturing and product development partner we will find the best solution for your program. In addition, provide you with extra resources to help guide your program.

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Durayl® LED

Pexco introduces Durayl® LED, featuring the proven attributes of our original Durayl® material and now optimized for the rapidly growing universe of LED applications.  Learn more >