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Lighting Products

Over the last several years, Pexco has joined our customers in embracing the LED, or Solid State Lighting (SSL) movement. With special focus on the lens, the number one challenge our customers face is diffusing LED pixilation while controlling hot spots, maintaining efficiency and mitigating costs.

Accomplishing these objectives involves TEAMING UP and choosing the correct material blend, material thickness, prismatic effect, distance between the lens and LED, and the distance between the LEDs themselves.

All our products incorporate the right combination to deliver the most successful product, adapting our lens manufacturing capabilities to your LED designs and product performance demands.

Extruded Lenses & Diffusers

  • LED
  • Fluorescent
  • Tubes & Tube Guards

Pexco has been extruding lighting lenses and other lighting fixture components for over 60 years.

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Other Custom Lighting Products

  • Edge Lighting Products
  • Extruded Housings & Reflectors
  • Light Seals & Other Custom Plastic Components

Pexco’s broad plastic manufacturing capabilities are easily applied to a variety of other plastic solutions and needs in the Lighting fixture market, those established and those only born as ideas in your mind.

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Lighting Capabilities

Engineering Design & Support

Pexco’s capabilities include LED lens design support; profile extrusion; injection molding; prototype and die development; material consultation; post-production fabrication; light transmission and color testing; QC reporting; and more. Learn More >

Durayl® LED

Pexco introduces Durayl® LED, featuring the proven attributes of our original Durayl® material and now optimized for the rapidly growing universe of LED applications.  Learn more >