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Extruded Lenses & Diffusers

Pexco extrudes LED & Fluorescent lighting lenses, diffusers, and tubes across its continental footprint. From acrylic blends and frosted materials such as our Durafrost™ to performance polycarbonates, from co-extruded products to custom colors and prismatic patterns, Pexco is your extruder of choice, with a reputation and history of development innovation and manufacturing excellence.

LED Lenses, Dust Covers, Diffusers

It all starts with the material blend that maximizes the unique performance of each LED array.

  • Acrylic, polycarbonate, UL certified, or our premium Durafrost™
  • Lens width ranging from 1/3 inch to 23 inches
  • Linear or diamond or other custom prismatic patterns
  • Complex hooks and legs, co-extrusions and custom colors
  • Various wall-thicknesses from .030” to .120” to attain superior performance in structure and light dispersion and diffusion.

Pexco additionally delivers precision, tight tolerance cutting-to-length due to its consistent investment in sawing technology over the years.

We globally source and procure materials to maximize the variety of blends with which Pexco can provide options to you and your product performance needs.


Fluorescent Lenses

Pexco has been producing lenses to serve the fluorescent lighting industry since its infancy.

  • Clear and diffusive acrylic and polycarbonate lenses
  • Prismatic wrap lenses, custom and stock
  • 1-, 2-, and 4-light applications


LED & Fluorescent Tubes & Tube Guards

Not just open profile lenses, but Pexco also specializes in acrylic and polycarbonate tubing for the lighting industry.

  • LED polycarbonate custom tubes using UL certified diffusive resins, replacing fluorescent bulbs.
  • Custom tubes with co-extruded reflectors to maximize efficacy
  • Tube Guards for T5, T8, and T12 lamps in multiple sizes
  • Acrylic and polycarbonate tubes up to 12” in diameter.

Lighting Capabilities

Engineering Design & Support

Pexco’s capabilities include LED lens design support; extrusion; injection molding; prototype and production die development; material blending; fabrication; light transmission and color testing; QC reporting; and more. Learn More >

Durayl® LED

Pexco introduces Durayl® LED, featuring the proven attributes of our original Durayl® material and now optimized for the rapidly growing universe of LED applications.  Learn more >