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Other Custom Lighting Products

Solid State Lighting (SSL) has changed the industry.  There are a number of new component applications requiring the custom plastics development and manufacturing expertise that Pexco provides.  Below are some additional examples areas where we can help. Give us a call, and let’s Team Up.

Edge Lighting Products

Pexco supports edge lighting applications with custom diffusive strips in standard white or a variety of custom colors.

  • Profile extrusions with adhered light-guiding mechanisms of various technologies
  • Maximized light dispersion and direction
  • Precision tolerances

Extruded Reflectors and Housings

High gloss white resins will produce excellent reflectors. At Pexco we can co-extrude a high-gloss reflector with your lens to deliver superior performance more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Light Seals & Other Custom Extrusions 

Prevent dust and other intruding debris from entering your lighting fixtures by adding a custom co-extruded light seal.

  • Light Seals
    • Flexible PVC and rigid PVC co-extrusions
    • Inline punched notches

  • Dust Covers
    • Clear Acrylic

  • Other Custom Extrusions
    • Pull chain extrusions
    • More

Lighting Capabilities

Engineering Design & Support

Pexco’s capabilities include LED lens design support; extrusion; injection molding; prototype and production die development; material blending; fabrication; light transmission and color testing; QC reporting; and more. Learn More >

Durayl® LED

Pexco introduces Durayl® LED, featuring the proven attributes of our original Durayl® material and now optimized for the rapidly growing universe of LED applications.  Learn more >