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Parking and Facility Management

The Pexco family of traffic safety products is designed to improve safety and reduce maintenance. All are created with high durability, providing customers cost effective solutions for their parking and facility management needs.

Parking Lot Sign Post System

Pexco's parking lot sign and post system allows for rapid glue or bolt-down installation of a lightweight, durable post.  Less expensive than steel, far more visible, easy to install and will not damage vehicles if impacted.  

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Bollards and Channelizer Posts

Channelizer posts reduce maintenance costs by directing traffic away from hazards, reducing the chance of accidents in your facility. Our posts are durable and highly visible, with several models from which to choose.  

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Pedestrian Safety Products

Flexible, self-righting signs for pedestrian crosswalks reduce speed and improve safety. Multiple choices of signs and mounting options are available.  

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Lane Separator Curb Systems

The FG 300 Curb Systems are passive traffic control devices consisting of modular raised curb sections and the toughest channelizer posts on the market! The systems are designed for use in areas where pavement markings are not sufficient to provide safe channelization for vehicles.  

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Raised Rumble Strips

Raised rumble strips add an audible cue to the visual cue of proper driving lanes and help to reduce speeds in areas where pedestrians and vehicles are in close proximity to one another.  

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Comprehensive City Post Product Brochure

New - All three City Post models (Glue Down, Surface Mount, and Embedded Anchor Cup) – with new features – now in one brochure! 

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