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Pavement Markers

Pexco manufactures an extensive range of raised pavement markers for work zone traffic control.  

TRPM Chip Seal Marker

TRPM chip seal markers hold the original lane line location in chip, slurry or fog seal road maintenance operations. Many products exist that claim to be easy to use and provide good delineation, but only TRPMs deliver. TRPMs are durable enough for use on both low volume and interstate highways.

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Temporary Overlay Markers (TOM)

TOMs are the most convenient product on the market to provide short-term pavement markings.  They are simple to place, easy to remove, and provide effective delineation of lane lines in paving projects until permanent pavement markings can be applied.  

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RPMs & Halftracks

Driving at night is dangerous.  Raised pavement markers outshine paint and tape  -  especially on rainy nights when they disappear under a film of water.  RPM and Halftrack markers are two choices for long-term temporary markings.

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Raised Rumble Strips

Edge line rumble strips are a proven countermeasure that reduce the risk of run-off-the-road crashes. They are designed to assist inattentive drivers who may unintentionally drift over an edge line.  

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Comprehensive City Post Product Brochure

New - All three City Post models (Glue Down, Surface Mount, and Embedded Anchor Cup) – with new features – now in one brochure! 

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