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Snow Poles and Posts

Snow removal operations encounter unique challenges during snow events, and especially at night, dusk and dawn. Pexco's highly fluorescent poles help plow operators avoid hazards and reduce damage to vehicles and fixed objects.

Snow Pole 3639

Pexco's Fluorescent-colored Snow Poles stand out boldly in low light conditions and greatly aid snow plow operations. The result is improved visibility and the promise of fewer accidents and lower costs associated with damage to fixed objects, such as metal guardrails. 

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Snow Post 2549

Pexco's Snow Posts stand up to heavy, wet snows on the highways through Western Mountain ranges; their polycarbonate construction ensures strength and durability.

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Comprehensive City Post Product Brochure

New - All three City Post models (Glue Down, Surface Mount, and Embedded Anchor Cup) – with new features – now in one brochure! 

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