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Sage Grouse Fence Marker

Sage Grouse collisions with barbed wire fences can cause injury or death. Applying highly visible markers every three feet to wire fences near areas with large grouse populations has been shown to reduce collision rates by up to 83 percent.


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Pexco is proud to extend its expertise in “creating products to save lives” to the wildlife community. The Sage Grouse Fence Marker was designed to help increase the visibility of fence lines, reducing the collision hazard and mortality rate for this important species. Named for the sagebrush upon which they depend for their food and shelter, Sage Grouse conservation efforts are part of the ongoing initiative to help protect the eco system of the “Sagebrush Sea” of the western United States and Canada.


Key Features of the Sage Grouse Fence Marker:

  • Easy application – design allows for quick “snap-on” installation
  • Better design – Open socket on top edge allows the marker to flutter in a breeze
  • Thicker marker body translates to better UV-stability and longer life in the field
  • Increased visibility of fencing – without being visually objectionable to landowners
  • UV stabilized and durable – provides years of worry-free service in the field
  • Optional fluorescent colored reflective sheeting increases visibility in low light and winter conditions
  • Affordable – cost-effective enough to mark many miles of fence line
  • High contrast, long lasting colors – including white and black reflective and non-reflective
  • Flexibility to produce different sizes and colors based upon customer need
  • Ability to manufacture and supply large quantities with short lead times


Product Information Sheet:

Sage Grouse Fence Marker Overview


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