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Sign Post Reflectors

Critical traffic signs can go unseen until the last minute in inclement weather or when partially obscured by landscaping or other obstacles.  Aging drivers can benefit from an extra 150 to 200 feet of viewing distance when approaching traffic signs.  All of these factors illustrate the importance of increasing the reflectivity of a sign to grab a driver's attention!


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Key Features of Sign Post Reflectors:

  • Quick and easy to install - in just minutes!
  • Usable on any new or existing post
  • Durable, UV-stabilized plastics
  • Anti-theft hardware available

Sign Post Reflector Options:

  • Standard lengths:  60 and 72 inches
  • Standard widths:  2 and 3 inches

Sheeting Options:

  • 3M High Intensity Prismatic:  Red, White, Yellow
  • 3M Diamond Grade:  Red, White, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow-Green

Mounting Options:

  • Pressure-sensitive VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape
  • Anti-theft hardware
  • Standard nuts and bolts


Product Information Sheet:

Sign Post Reflector Overview

Installation Procedures:

Sign Post Installation Procedures

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