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Team Up


One of Pexco’s principal core values is Team.

Not only does it speak to how we collectively as a company get things done at the office or on the plant floor while at Pexco.  But it also highlights how we perceive our relationship with you, the customer. We want you to feel part of our Team, and trust you do the same.  We call it One Pexco, where we have a one-team way of doing things as we align our minds and efforts around whichever common objectives or projects are at hand.  Whenever you bring your engineering challenges and product needs to us, looking for a specialty plastics solution, consider yourself a teammate, and Team Up with Pexco.  

What Will We Make Today?


Team Up with multiple technologies

Pexco often teams-up across technology divisions and platforms, bringing you a full suite of plastic product components and assemblies.

Thought Leadership

Leadership is part of teamwork.  Often it involves taking a position around which the team can progress through trial and error.  Leadership is open. Leadership creates conversations.  And from conversations we can build ideas and solve problems.  At Pexco, we pride ourselves not only on being thought leaders but working with leading thinkers in various industries.  Always doing our best to design and fabricate innovative plastic solutions for today and tomorrow. 


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Case Studies

Nothing better evidences the Team Up approach and principle at Pexco than the wide selection of plastic solution case studies our business has to offer.  Collectively and individually they demonstrate not only the breadth and depth of our technical capability.  They also exemplify how we facilitate custom, unique solutions for our customers.


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