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Thought Leadership

For over almost 50 years Pexco has been developing plastic solutions across a variety of markets, customers, materials, and applications.  This experience has provided a broad perspective on the plastics industry.  A perspective that has helped to condition leadership as well as innovative breakthroughs in our markets.  And also the trust and confidence of our customers.  Pexco is sure to be your Trusted Advisor in plastics solutions. 

Top 5 Characteristics to Consider When Selecting a Custom Extruder

Finding the right custom plastics company to manufacture and provide a key custom component to your end-product needs can often seem a daunting task. Here are a few helpful indicators for companies to consider when searching for a reliable plastic extrusion-processing business partner.

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The "Custom Extrusion" Moment, Part I

Let’s start with a premise: Immediate differentiation that is compelling has today become a fundamental and strategic imperative for overall success across many markets.  “Custom” vendors bring distinct advantages to help you meet this challenge and separate your business from the competition.

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The "Custom Extrusion" Moment, Part II

Pexco makes full use of “Last Touch” resources and adds finished value to extruded components. In Part II, we’d like to examine exactly how skilled, value-added engineering expands the reach of extruded plastics into product forms beyond the two-dimensional cross section.

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Case Studies

Tight Tolerance Polysulfone

Pexco extrudes polysulfone filter housings.