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Specialty plastics is Pexco’s DNA serving the needs of select markets and applications across North America. More than 100 engineering and manufacturing specialists provide consultation, design, and custom production of plastic parts and finished products to meet a variety of end-use challenges. Collaborate to innovate >


Everyday lifeline

For over 50 years, Pexco has been a leading extruder and injection molder of highly engineered medical components and finished assemblies for medical devices and surgical, even bioimplantable, applications.


A material difference

Plastic processing for specialty applications ranging from LightingFiltration, Environmental, and Energy, to TrafficTransportationIndustrial Equipment and many other custom end uses.


At full capacity

Pexco’s plastic solutions for Commercial market segments typically fulfill high-volume product applications involving everyday retail or consumer utility. Product applications include P.O.P Displays, Fence, white goods, recreation equipment, lawn and gardenconsumer and more.


Advanced technology

As a manufacturer of thermoplastic parts and assemblies for sophisticated end-use applications, Pexco brings a broad and deep understanding of the nature of thermoplastic processing and how to achieve complex solutions for OEMs with extrusion, injection molding and plastics machining and assembly technologies.


Elements of success

Pexco offers over 400 different material choices and configurations as well as development expertise for any number of applications.  Blends, additives or reinforcements may be considered and developed to optimize product performance for customers.

Team Up

Working together

Whenever you bring your engineering challenges and product needs to us, looking for a specialty plastics solution, consider yourself a teammate, and Team Up with Pexco.