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The History of Pexco

From Extrusion to Custom Plastics

The US-based specialty plastic products company today known as Pexco LLC was conceived more than 45 years ago by American Filtrona Corporation of Richmond, Virginia.  

In 1970 fiber extruder American Filtrona (today Essentra plc) diversified into plastics manufacturing by acquiring Southern Plastics of Columbia, South Carolina.  American Filtrona over the years accumulated additional specialty plastic extrusion businesses throughout North America.  As the company grew, it came to serve a broad variety of markets and advance its plastic manufacturing processes.  It also underwent organizational ownership and name changes.  The company name was changed in 1997 to Bunzl Extrusions Inc., in 2005 to Filtrona Extrusions Inc., and in 2009 to Pexco LLC, an investment of Saw Mill Capital Partners.  On August 9th, 2012, Pexco was acquired by Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC from Saw Mill Capital.

Today, Pexco is based north of Atlanta, Georgia with several manufacturing plants across the United States and Mexico, offering a full range of extruded plastics design, engineering and fabrication services.  It meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and other key registrations and/or certifications for its manufacturing operations.  Pexco is a North American leader in the design and fabrication of specialty plastic products.  It provides standard and custom parts and finished assemblies to manufacturers and end-users across industrial and commercial market applications.

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