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Custom Tubing - Options & Applications

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Distinguishing between different tubing choices can be challenging, so we have outlined several options with example applications. Should you need additional instruction, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and talk with one of our specialized staff.

Here at the Pexco family of companies, our custom capabilities cross a wide array of extrusion styles and resin types. We have a multitude of different resins available for our specialty industrial sector and our extrusion shapes include custom profiles, crosshead extrusions, co and tri-extrusions (or profiles with two or more resins), as well as heat shrink and non-shrink tubing.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing offers a layer of insulation, protection from harsh environments, and is often used for electrical application to protect cables, wires, and other items against abrasions. Done in minutes, heat shrink tubing can be easily applied using a heat gun, and if you need help with the process you can check out our Tubing and Sizing Measurement Guide. Are you an electrician or a mechanic? If you are in search of a general kit that includes popular diameter sizes for on the go needs, we’ve got those too.

Insultab, part of the Pexco family of companies, offers a variety of heat shrink extrusion options and is produced at our facility in Woburn, MA. Insultab’s capabilities include PVC and Polyolefin fabrications, medical and food & beverage grade tubing, UV treated options and more. Check out our range of heat shrink tubing.

Custom Tubing

Non-Shrink Tubing

If heat shrink tubing doesn’t fit your need, Insultab offers an array of extruded non-shrink PVC tubing solutions designed to handle a wide variety of media. A great solution for harsh environments and compliant with strict industry safety standards our solutions are perfect for a range of industries, including medical, automotive, fiber optics, and more. Our Medical grade USP Class VI non shrinkable tubing and sleeving is known for meeting rigorous bio-compatible specifications, including USFDA compliance

Exlon Nylon Tubing

We pride ourselves on our high quality Exlon nylon tubing. Nylon delivers superb abrasion and chemical resistance, in addition to outstanding dimensional stability, impact and moisture resistance. This lightweight polymer tubing is also able to resist high temperatures better than many other polymer tubes – and is made to deliver high burst strength. Exlon nylon is used across a wide range of industries like food and beverage, misting, fogging, automotive, chemical, and telecommunications.

Rigid Tubing

Scandia Plastics, part of the Pexco family of companies, specializes in rigid tubing application needs. Whether your project requires FDA compliance, high heat resistance, strength, or any other variety of specialized needs, Scandia has an extensive range of custom tubing options to choose from. Polysulfone, polycarbonate, PVC (clear or colored), and much more are all available for extrusion. We readily embrace challenges and can work within the following tubing parameters.

  • Tolerances to: ± .003″
  • Diameters from: 1/8″ to 8″
  • Wall thickness from: .015″ to heavy wall

Altaflo, also part of the Pexco family of companies, offers a wide array of invocated and ISO certified non-shrink fluoropolymer and fluoroplastic tubing. Known for using 100% virgin grade high-performance and high-quality resins, Altaflo offers a variety of stock products including PTFE, PFA, UHP, PVDF, and much more for complex fluid handling. View the range of resin tubing/piping here.

Secondary Operations

If you do not see what you are looking for on any of our sites, feel free to contact us to ask if your project is something we can help with. The Pexco family of companies offers custom solutions to help meet the needs of complex projects. Our capabilities and skilled engineering departments would like to aid you in the development of your designs.

Besides having the materials available that best fit your project, one important factor to consider is what kind of other specialized, in-house services a company can offer. Time is invaluable, so taking as many steps as possible in one place can make the difference in getting your project completed on time. From drilling and machining to assembly and packaging, Pexco’s post-extrusion fabrication options help cut out extra suppliers that take up extra time. Inline and offline fabrication offerings are just part of the unique Pexco advantage.

Insultab, shrink tubing specialists, also offers specialized services that include custom printing, packaging, and design and engineering. Insultab’s team is ready to conquer the technical challenges you bring their way.

With a wide range of tubing options and services available to you, we believe you will find what you need among the Pexco family of companies. Should you have any questions regarding the applications feel free to contact us so we can assist you.

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